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Contact us:
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Email:ossales@fastpcba.com ossales2@fastpcba.com

 Oriental Fast Assembly Ltd concentrates on PCB assembly. We could provide you our best and professional services on the PCBA. Our major is PCBA, but we could do it more.We have 8 years of PCB assembly experience. The factory is located in Futian district, Shenzhen. Our factory have more experience for many kinds of high-technic PCB assembly with our major that is sample and middle and small batch board assembled. We are a normal company with ISO9001:2000 certification, with covering 1000 s.q.m. area and 120 employees.
  OFAL provide our major,PCB assembly.And we could help you lay-out service, PCB fabricated and component purchased in local Shenzhen. For the PCBA,we could provide the ROHS service,high quality PCB soldering and fast delivery time. For the PCB,We have a professional engineer team to help you to control quality.For the component,we are established several immovable and famous supplier,like ON and so on.
We have more experience for high-technic PCB assembly.
We have a professional engineer team to help you.
We have good supplier and supply chain.
Whom we are working for?
As a professional China buyer and PCB assembly factory. Our clients as follow:
The normal foreign OEM clients, we could give you fast and exactly quotation, PCB and component quality controller and high quality assembling.
Many professional R&D company, we have more experience to promote your project success. Technology platform
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