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Contact us:
Tel: +86-755-28793260
Tel: +86-755-28792567
Email:ossales@fastpcba.com ossales2@fastpcba.com

Technology platform

Assemble technic standard

Producing ability

24 hours sample and fast PCBA produced, test and assembly. SMD is 500000 point per day, DIP is 800000 point per day.

PCB size

Minimal:50*30 mm,Maximal:360*410 mm


Sample is 3-5 days, Small batch is 5-10days.


High quality and fast delivery

Technic ability

The minimal size of material that we could do is 0201,the minimal pitch of IC pin is 0.3mm (QFP or BGA).

Quality standard


Quality control

IQC, QA, IPQC, Line test, function test, temperature control and so on.

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