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Contact us:
Tel: +86-755-28793260
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Email:ossales@fastpcba.com ossales2@fastpcba.com

Technology platform

Our business philosophy - "forge ahead, forge ahead with innovation, quality first, quick service.""。
Our aim - "radical customers think in the way customers want to quality for speed."
Our core values - the creation of value, to contribute to the community.
Our vision - one of China's SMT industry in the shipment, the model first-class enterprise.
At customers, radical users worry about, and meet customer expectations of high quality and high efficiency.
The employees and common development, provide a platform for the ideal of self-achievement.
In the company, concerned about market demand, providing a good return for investors.
In the community, grasp the pulse of the times, creating successful enterprises, to contribute to the community.
To achieve the vision of the company, we need the enthusiasm of every employee input, the research expertise, never to customers to meet their needs of the middle class.
Goods and good service, exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services, rapid healthy development of our business, improve efficiency, establish the brand and become well-known surface-mount industry enterprises.
We also need our employees to always maintain passion, forge ahead, continuously learning, self-enrichment, enhance quality. We will be a force equal to the environment and mechanisms, respect for each employee's personality, respect the personal wish of the staff, and create a harmonious working atmosphere, and promote genuine human relationships and good communication mechanism.
Companies will also be continued interest in Indonesia, tracking information technology, continuous upgrading technology, improving management system and service system, the pursuit of quality, efficiency of sustained growth.

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